REGENERUM Cosmetic Line. Should you buy it?

I’m not a huge fan of regenerative products, because most of the times they turn out to be one big cosmetic bust. Nevertheless, I decided to test products from Aflofarm – I bought all available regenerative products at once. See below, does Regenerum line really work? I invite you to read it!

Regenerum is a brand, which motto is complex regeneration at bases. Each of products from wide offer of regenerative serums is based on unique formula designed for individual problem, with rich and intense composition. All Aflofarm cosmetics from this line are safe and delicate for skin. But do they work?


I think that Regenerum started with nail regenerating serum, but I might be wrong. :) This preparation for everyday use is a complex of natural oils – lemon, macadamia, grapes’ seeds and sweet almonds – with addition of vitamin A and E. Application is very pleasant thanks to precise brush. I used Regenerum once a day and I noticed difference after just few days. My nails became stronger, smoother and less discoloured.


I will need more time to assess effects of the test of this Aflofarm product. Regenerum for lashes has double applicator (for lashes line and entire lashes) and its work is based on nourishing lipooligopeptides, provitamin B5, vitamin E, aloe vera extract and soothing Junebug extract. Application is simple, after few days lashes became darker, but for now I see no other effects. I do not say that product doesn’t work.


Sadly, hair serum let me down. I counted on better effects, because I have very dry hair with high porosity. In Regenerum’s composition we will find corab tree seeds proteins, soi and wheat sprout extract, panthenol and castor oil. Probably, because of last ingredient and silicones after just one use (!) my hair started to fall out excessively and were heavily weighted down. It may depend on hair structure, and mine definitely decided that Regenerum for hair is ineffective, even harmful.


I regularly use hand cream, so my hands aren’t dry. Regenerum for hands with rose oil, water lily and lipoaminoacid extract, d-panthenol and vitamins suppose to nourish and regenerate my hands. I applied cream over night and that was a huge mistake. Regenerating hand serum has thick texture, absorbs fast and at first leaves skin very smooth, but after a while skin became twice as dry as it was before application. I will never again use this product on my hands.


Lip balm from Aflofarm is quite OK. I do not have much against it, but it also haven’t became my favourite. Regenerum for lips has filter UV SPF 15 and was supposed to protect lips, regenerate their skin, nourish, moisturise and ensure smoother. Quite hard lip balm distributes well, absorbs fast and leaves protective film on lips. It didn’t have great influence on my lips, but I will use it for everyday lip care.


Regenerum for heels sounded promising (especially that I have problem with cracking heel’s skin). Regenerating serum from Aflofarm was supposed to intensively nourish, moisturise and regenerate cracked skin. My heels really became softer, but are still dry. Serum works only on external layer of epidermis and doesn’t ensure deep moisture. It is a good cream but not sensational.


Regenerating body serum has a form of light foam and it is one of my favourite products from this line. Formula enriched with panthenol, Argan oil, avocado extract, fruit extracts and collagen provides immediate relief to dry skin. Regenerum for body became my equivalent for lotions, because it effectively nourishes skin, makes it soft and ensures long lasting soothing effect. Regenerum for body in spray certainly won’t vanish out of my shelf.