In the name of beauty, I became a cloud! (Bubble Mask Test)

From now on you can call me Miss Cloud, because Asian Bubble Mask stays in my cosmetic bag for good. I would like to tell you why bubble masks are so effective though look a bit weird. And how I even get this product?

By accident! I admit that… I wouldn’t knowingly decide on buying something like bubble mask. I probably would call it an excess complication. I got my masks as free of charge with my Pure Smile order. This brand has attached to my package, five Pure Bubble masks. Each of them has different scent or “taste” (if you prefer) – Rose, Green Apple, Pearl, Royal Jelly and Seaweed. Only later – by reading article about bubble masks – I found out that the most popular version of this cosmetic is Elizavecca Piggy Milk Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask.

Few words about different types of bubble masks I tested.

  1. Rose – contains rose extract and moisturising ingredients; provides intense hydration of skin, eliminates puffiness, cleanses pores and improves elasticity.
  2. Green Apple – consists of apple extract with 80% polyphenols of this fruit; it improves micro-circulation in skin, cleanses pores and even lighten freckles and other skin discolourations.
  3. Pearl – contains regulating natural hydro balance in skin pearl powder; pearl proteins penetrate epidermis and make it more elastic, regenerates it and cleanses of excess sebum.
  4. Royal Jelly – consists of rich in vitamins and minerals royal jelly; nourishes skin, provides smoother, prevents roughness and cleanses pores of impurities.
  5. Seaweed – contains marine algae complex with large amount of mineral ingredients; intensively moisturises, protects against dryness and cleanses skin.

I think that properties of Bubble Mask alone are simply amazing! They are applied just like any other face mask. However, you have to do it a bit quicker, so application with brush can significantly make it easier. After few seconds, Bubble Mask starts to react with skin and air and gel turns into foam, which works on face. You can actually feel it because micro bubbles of air are being created and then disappear. I could compare it to delicate, slow and very pleasurable pulsation. After few minutes you will resemble a cloud with lips and eyes. My fiancé told me that I more resembled a snowman. :) Most of the mask should disappear on its own, and the rest of it wash of face with warm water.

Quick, pleasurable, effective and fun!