How to take care of allergic skin?

Allergic reactions, irritations, rush…These words are not associated with pleasant things. In fact, they provoke completely opposite emotions. Skin allergies have plenty of forms. However, regardless of their form, they are always bothersome for the person affected. What is more, allergic skin is often confused with sensitive skin and for that reason, this type of sensitive skin is treated inadequately. Read the article to learn the characteristic of allergic skin type and how it should be taken care of.

What are characteristics of allergic skin?

The truth is, reactions of allergic skin and sensitive skin to aggressive factors are similar – in both cases redness, itchiness and rash appear. Similar is also their structure: strong vascularisation and dehydration. The thing, that differentiate allergic skin from the sensitive is connected with the mechanism of irritation development. Irritations, which appear on allergy skin, are triggered by allergens working. They penetrate through damaged epidermis and their presence is sensed after a few hours. When it comes to sensitive skin, the reaction occurs the moment the irritating substance happens to be in contact with skin.

It is very hard to take care of allergic skin. It can be damaged by plenty of various substances, beginning from substances included into food products, going through cosmetics’ ingredients and ending at urban pollution. This skin type cannot handle artificial substances, preservatives, additives, fragrances nor colourants. It can be also badly influenced by air conditioning, application of too huge amounts of cosmetics as well as by intensive and aggressive care treatments.

How to take care of allergic skin?

Taking care of allergic skin is a complicated task. However, you should do your best to help your allergic skin staying in a good shape. The most suitable cosmetics will be the ones available at a pharmacy’s or prescribed by a dermatologist. Actually, the products should be hypoallergic, fragrance-free and with natural pH 5,5. Such cosmetics will protect skin against action of aggressors, relieve irritations, moisture, work anti-inflammatory and regenerate natural protective lipid barrier of epidermis. What is crucial, all products have to belong to one cosmetic collection because it will reduce or even minimize risk of irritations. Remember also, do not use skin cells exfoliating products yet delicate face lotions and dermatological preparations. Day care products must include natural sun protection filters. A good use may be made of enzymatic scrubs and soothing face masks.