Maybelline Affinitone HD – My Perfect Foundation

Each one of us know how hard it is to find perfect foundation. There is always some issue – it is difficult to find matching colour, weighting down formula, weak durability. For a long time I also looked for my ideal, but I finally found it and I’d like to tell you something about it. Let me introduce my favourite foundation – Affinitone HD with vitamin E from Maybelline New York.


Manufacturer ensure that Affinitone HD is a product dedicated for all skin types. That is true, because Affinitone has as lightweight texture and is as nourishing that it will work for dry, but also oily skin. I have dry skin and at last I don’t have to worry about dry skin any more.


I admit that I prefer foundations with pump. However, Affinitone HD has plastic 30ml tube, quite handy. After removing a silver top, foundation is dosed by small hole, but it isn’t as precise as it would be with a pump. However, with time you can get use to it.


Application method may not be great, but Affinitone Maybelline formula is. At first I was terrified, because foundation literally squelched inside of the packaging. It is very runny, so you have to be careful during application. After first application I already new that Affinitone HD is a perfection! Light, powdery, without an intense smell, extremely efficient and easy in administration. Small amount of the foundation is enough to cover an entire face. Affinitone has lightweight texture, doesn’t leave mask effect and distributes well with brush, sponge and even fingers (I prefer brush). I was afraid of liquid texture and it turns out that it really works.

How does it work:

I know I already tell all the great things about the Affinitone HD formula, however Maybelline made sure also about great properties of the product. Foundation is very delicate and velvety, covers well and equalises skin complexion. Of course, bigger imperfections you have to cover with concealer, but that is a case with every foundation. Affinitone has 8 shades – I chose mine just by looking at the packaging (I know, very silly of me) and it turned out to be ideal, because formula blends in skin and in a way matches our skin complexion. It really works! I have to mention properties of this nourishing product. Maybelline enriched Affinitone HD with vitamin E, which influences skin hydration. The foundation covers imperfections and makes skin matt, but in contrary to highly covering products of other brands, this one doesn’t cause dryness. In opposite, after application my face is velvety soft, and I want to touch it!