Lashcode mascara – an ally of a stunning eyelash makeup

Without a doubt, mascara is the most important makeup product. Women use it on a daily basis, even if they give up on other cosmetics. Mascaras are popular all over the world – it turns out that stunning lashes are a universal symbol of beauty regardless of latitude and longitude. The choice of a proper mascara is not an easy task. How to find the best one among hundreds of similar cosmetics? Explore Lashcode – a mascara that meets all the requirements of dazzling eyelash makeup.

Lashcode mascara – how come it’s so marvellous? 

Lashcode is a mascara that quickly became an iconic product. It collects excellent opinions and is praised and recommended by bloggers, vloggers and makeup artists as well as those, who value comfort, simplicity and quick application. What determines its popularity?

Lashcode is a synergy between an excellent formula of mascara enriched with ingredients actively nourishing and beautifying eyelashes, and a precise applicator that catches even the shortest lashes, separates them, styles, combs and does not create lumps. The silicone fibres adhere well to the lashes, conducing to the immediate effect of lengthening and curling.

Lashcode mascara – makeup effects 

  • significantly lengthens eyelashes
  • reaches even the shortest lashes
  • it does not smudge, crumble or leave lumps
  • coats each lash evenly
  • thickens eyelashes without sticking them together
  • visually improves lash volume
  • the mascara wand provides comfort and easy application
  • coats well both the upper and lower eyelashs
  • curls and styles eyelashes
  • provides eyelashes with deep, saturated black colour
  • it does not rub off or flakes off
  • provides makeup of varied intensity

Lashcode mascara – how does it nourish the eyelashes?

Lashcode mascara abounds in a wide range of high-quality nutrients, that regenerate lashes and protect them against damage. This way, the makeup gains a new dimension with stronger and fuller-looking lashes. What’s more, they grow better, do not fall out nor dehydrate. Thanks to the content of UV filters, it protects the hair against adverse influence or solar radiation, whilst the vitamins help rebuild microdamages on the surface of the eyelashes, strengthening the hydro-lipid layer and enhancing radiance.

The combination of plant extracts found in Lashcode is unique and innovative: soybean germ extract, wheat germ extract and baicalin form a strong trio to fight against thinning, short and weakened eyelashes that lack proper condition. They contain valuable flavonoids that have a strong antioxidant effect – they prevent premature aging and damage of eyelashes, strengthen them up to the bulbs: they make the eyelashes grow stronger and healthier and make sure they become firmly rooted in the follicles.

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