Loose Powder from Inglot – My Cosmetic of All Times

I am not some great lover of powder, but like everyone, I sometimes need a little bit of mattifying. Particularly in summer my skin likes to shine even after application of the lightest foundation possible. To the rescue comes Loose Powder, my favourite powder from Inglot. I know that this cosmetic was called the cosmetic of all times and I do not find this weird.

At first sight, Loose Powder already seemed to me a cosmetic of high quality. It has, brilliant in its simplicity, packaging. I should mention that despite of passing time it doesn’t rub off, which is very important, because you should be able to see label to at least know what shade is the cosmetic.

The price is adequate to the size – it is a big plus. Packaging of Loose Powder from Inglot has 30g/1.06Oz, but in contrary to appearances it is large amount. For one application you need really small amount of the product, so its efficiency is quite great. Loose Powder from Inglot can be used up to 18 months since it opening, so its durability is also impressive.

Powder from Inglot surprised me with its mega properties. Manufacturer doesn’t say anything about Loose Powder having matt properties, but in my case it works that way perfectly. It preserves make-up, mattifies skin and makes it soft. Out of typical properties of powders, Loose Powder from Inglot perfectly blends with skin and foundation, doesn’t cover properties of other cosmetics (e.g. highlighting), leaves no mask effect, isn’t visible on face, doesn’t gather in creases and is just perfect.

It has long lasting effect and proper application can even increase it. I learnt application with brush and I think that it is the easiest way for me. I take some Inglot Loose Powder on the tip of the brush, flick the excess and administer on face. Then, areas of the face, which tend to shine the most I additionally powder with attached sponge. I do this exactly the same as with the brush, I take some Loose Powder on the sponge, flick and apply.