Close-up on the composition – What is hiding in basic cosmetics?

You do not like heavy make-up and much more prefer natural look? It does not matter that your cosmetic bag contains only few cosmetics. There are several basic conditioning products, which every woman has. Have you ever wondered, what’s hiding in composition of your favourite deodorant or lipstick? Specially for you, we will make a close-up on the ingredients of the most popular cosmetics. Some of them may surprise you.

Red Lipstick

Almost every woman has one, even if she does not like strong make-up. This product is great in conditioning and moisture of lips. There is at least one lipstick in every cosmetic bag. The red one owe their intense colour to insects. Red colourant is being obtained from dried and powdered aphids. Cochineal colourant is natural and non-toxic, though it can cause allergic reactions.


Everyone loves when shampoo foams well. This effect is provided by substance called SLS, i.e. sodium lauryl sulfate. Reputation of this ingredient is questionable. Use of it in cosmetic is not illegal, only if manufacturer keeps certain dosages. SLS may be harmful only in high concentration and large dosage. In spite of that, shampoo with its addition can cause dryness, irritation and itching.


You use antiperspirant in deodorant almost everyday. One of their key ingredients is diatomaceous earth. After this soft rock is being crushed is obtained white powder, which is used not only in cosmetic industry. Beside deodorant, it can be also found in paints, varnish, pesticide, or even dynamite.


Perfect aroma surrounding you everyday is mostly merit of perfumes. Almost every women has at least one phial of her favourite perfumes. For durability of perfumes responsible is discharge from the gastrointestinal tract of a sperm whale. This sticky wax from whale stomach is called ambergris, which fortunately more and more often is switched with synthetic equivalents.