Summer face contouring. What is striping?

Since contouring took by storm make-up world, some novelties tend to appear systematically. Cosmetic brands race to release the most complex cosmetics for contouring, which have better quality each time. Furthermore, make-up artists don’t want to be left behind so they come up with new techniques and methods of application this products. Today, we will talk about striping, i.e. one of the youngest fractions of classical contouring.

The author of striping is popular make-up artist of stars – Mary Philips MUA. She execute her make-up ideas in co-operation with, e.g. model Chrissy Teigen, singer Jennifer Lopez and queen of contouring Kim Kardashian. Today, phenomenon of striping reaches more than just professional beauty salons.

What is striping? It can be easily compared to strobing. There the most important was highlight for effect of young and fresh skin. However, in striping we quit highlighter for bronzer, but you don’t perform traditional contouring with it. Striping is in other words self-tanning with bronzer, where you expressively underline facial features and slim face down. The result is suppose to be healthy and beautiful tan gained with use of bronzer.

Striping, as the name indicates, is based on application of product in strips. We are not talking about the effect of brown zebra. Tan with bronzer has to be well-thought-out. Always apply cosmetic on those areas of face where sunlight naturally falls. Remember, though that sun always is above you so that is how sunlight will fall. You have to administer bronzer on the areas of face in a way to emphasise it in the most natural way. Just like the sun would.

Which parts should you contour in striping? Apply bronzer on face in three areas. Firstly, along the hair line. Second strip apply across nose and on cheek bones (from ear to ear). Last strip should be administer on the tip of the chin and along the jaw. Brozer has to be blended to blurry its edges. Striping is about natural tan with delicate, almost invisible transition in colour.

For striping, best is light bronzer in powder. Heavy, greasy and thick bronzers in cream form aren’t such a good idea for the summer season. To avoid melting cosmetic you should try light powder bronzers. Pick matte bronzer, because in striping there shouldn’t be any highlight.