Unusual conditioning treatment: Mayonnaise Hair Treatment

In the age of advanced beauty treatments, innovative technologies and tested cosmetics, application of mayo on hair seems at least weird. Nonetheless, this method has a large number of followers. Women are more prone to try food products than professional hair care cosmetics. Should they?

Properties of mayonnaise

Taking into consideration hair care with mayo, you should rather not use the one that can be bought in the grocery store. Such product will not do any harm, but it contains too much of preservatives and other additional ingredients. For your hair, better will be home made mayonnaise, based on three key ingredients: oil (emollient), egg yolk (protein) and vinegar (gloss provider). What properties does mayo gain thanks to them?

  • Oil (usually rapeseed) – is rich in vitamin E and plant sterols. Thanks to content of unsaturated fatty acids it is great for moisture, nourishment and gloss of hair and ensures significant improvement of irritated scalp condition.
  • Egg yolk – source of protein expected to fill large deficit in damaged hair. Beside protein, egg yolk consists also of strengthening vitamins (A, B, D and E) and fatty acid complex.
  • Vinegar – an ingredient of acidic hair rinse. It contains low pH, so it is great for sealing hair cuticles and provide of gloss.

Properties of mayonnaise on hair

Mayonnaise hair treatment is a small controversy and its effectiveness is quite questionable. For some, polymer protein of mayo are enough proof for lack of effectiveness of this treatment. The larger protein particles the harder for them to reach inner hair structures. Proteins are just too big to fill deficits in hair. However, even in case like this, mayonnaise can do more good than bad. It is because proteins can influence hair surface and provide them with gloss, softness and smoother.

How should you apply mayonnaise?

Mayonnaise works best for dry and damaged hair. It can be applied directly on hair from roots. Nonetheless, it is best to administer it on wet or damp hair, because it is easier to apply. More popular is honey and mayonnaise hair mask. No matter the method, mask should be left on hair for 20-30 minutes and then be thoroughly rinsed.