Keratin strength for hair? Montibello Keratin Force Shampoo

My search for perfect shampoo is still on. For now I am finishing remaining products from my last shopping, but also try to focus a bit on the samples. And so, lately I lied my hands on one of them. To be precise I got some sample of Montibello shampoo. Keratin Force assumes nourishment and strengthening of slightly damaged hair, so it is definitely something for me to try. Today, I will tell you about my adventure with this product. :)

First impression

Let me start by saying if product even encouraged me to the use. It has pleasant scent, that I can compare to some oriental flowers. In general, I like aromas like this so it suits me really well. However, for sure, there will be people who dislike this fragrance. Tough! :) Packaging of the product and the sachet with sample is white with no graphic arts, just writings. This packaging reminds me of pharmacy products – I associate it with good quality, medical properties and advanced technology.

Let’s take a look at the composition

I haven’t exaggerated with that advanced technology, because composition of Montibello Keratin Force shampoo is… awfully long and unclear. A lot of emollients, preservatives, moisturising substances, antistatic substances and fragrances. Most of them are labelled as harmless, but there are few clogging ingredients that I swear stink like chemistry to me. That is probably the greatest drawback for me personally. And it all seemed so good at first, you know, keratin in the composition and restoration of hair structure with keratin protein.

Test time

Sink or swim! :) I decided to test this marvel, though after seeing its composition I had my doubts. Montibello promised that Keratin Force hair shampoo from Treat Naturtech line will provide my hair with a diet full of nourishing ingredients, which they were lacking. My hair always needed and still need moisture, which this shampoo, sadly, haven’t provided. However, indeed Keratin Force smoother and soften my hair and after wash they were much more delicate. Through the entire time I had this impression as if the properties of shampoo were only superficial.

Sadly, I have to say that product did not took my breath away. However, I do recommend you to use some samples and test it on your hair, because for everyone it can work differently.