Tibetan Mushroom – What is it? How does it work? To what can be used?

It comes from the Caucasus (land of longevity), it gains more and more popularity in the beauty world, is recommended as a natural source of health and can be cultivated by you! What is the mysterious Tibetan Mushroom? Where can you get it? What are its properties? We will answer all those questions.

What is the Tibetan Mushroom?

Often called Kefir, Tibetan Mushroom has form of small white lumps, which resemble cauliflowerette. This natural probiotic is made of microorganisms, which live in symbiosis in the Kefir, those are substances, which are responsible for shape of Tibetan Mushroom.

Composition of kefir with Tibetan Mushroom is truly surprising. Home made drink made of milk and Tibetan Mushroom consists of valuable lactobacilli, yeast and live cultures of bacteria. What is more, it is rich in protein, calcium, vitamin B, folic acid, niacin, vitamin K, phosphorus and magnesium. Price of Tibetan Mushroom isn’t high, if we take into consideration that it can be cultivated and has such rich properties.

Tibetan Mushroom – properties and work

Kefir grains are cluster of microorganisms with specific properties, which can be brought to one basic function. Tibetan Mushroom changes an ordinary milk into high-value kefir, which can be taken for healthy elixir. Kefir made of Tibetan Mushroom is one of the oldest and healthiest fermented drinks, and its properties provide both health and beautiful look:

  • cleanses and detoxifies organism,
  • support circulatory system,
  • improves condition of hair, skin and nails,
  • supports immune system,
  • slower ageing processes of cells,
  • delivers necessary vitamins,
  • counteracts many diseases and infections.

Can Tibetan Mushroom be harmful?

If ingested in excess amounts kefir made of Tibetan Mushroom can be harmful, just like any other substance. There are also contraindications, which exclude use of Tibetan Mushroom – pregnancy, use of prescribed antibiotics, alcohol abuse and lactose-intolerance.