How to look beautiful on the road trip? Beauty and make-up tricks

Hitch-hiking, mountaineering, or maybe bike trip? If you have plans for the weekend or vacations, let’s see how you can preserve beautiful look while you are away. We introduce to you beauty and make-up tricks, which will allow you to be beautiful even in extreme conditions.

They can be used not only for refreshment of skin or to wipe your hands and lips after finished meal, but can also replace morning or evening cleanse. What are we talking about? Wet wipes, obviously. They can come handy at any time, and can make you feel fresh and clean. What is more, they perfectly hydrate and nourish skin while removing impurities, which gathered on the surface of face during the day.

Delicate make-up is just right for travel. How to create it? You will need cream with sun filter or BB cream. The second cosmetic can replace foundation, moisturising cream and sun filter. Supply your cosmetic bag with some lip balm, but quit mascara, which under influence of sweat, rain and tears can smudge. Besides, light make-up is easier to remove, and during the day it won’t create any greater issues – you won’t have to powder your nose every now and then.

Bad hair day is a common thing on the road trip. What can you do to have beautiful hair? You can take dry shampoo with you. Thanks to its consistency it will absorb excess sebum and extent durability of hair and scalp. You can also put on a wrapper on your head, it will hide greasy strands. Another solution is to tie hair in the tight plait.

Don’t take any expensive perfumes you use everyday for work or school with you. To always feel fresh, use deodorant with extended properties. Average deodorant will evaporate quickly and will take a lot of space in your rucksack. Instead of perfumes, use fruit mist. Spray with it skin, hair and clothes. Its fresh and pleasurable scent will hold the entire day. Pretty nice scent has also… mosquito spray with citronella extract. Not only smells great, but also protects you against insects.

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