Take care of your feet for the Summer. Proven ways for smooth skin.

When summer comes we wear shoes that allow us to present newest pedicure. However, do you remember about right skin care of heels and feet just as you remember about your nails? If you were not able to provide your feet with regenerative treatment, you will find below some ideas for smooth skin of feet.

Method number one: peeling and mask in one.

Prepare following ingredients: rice, flour, apple cider vinegar, honey and olive oil. Mix them all, apply on feet and massage in. Rice will provide scrub for thick epidermis and remove all impurities. Apple cider vinegar will lighten discolourations and strengthen nails. Olive oil along with honey moisture and nourish skin. Flour, on the other hand, is necessary for right consistency of cosmetic. Thanks to the treatment, feet will become smooth and soft and nails conditioned.

Method number two: mask.

If you deal with cracked skin of feet and rough, unaesthetic heels, do not worry – there is quite simple way to get rid of those imperfections. Grate raw potato and add to it onion and a table spoon of cream. Created mixture place in a bowl and dip your feet in it. After 10 minutes skin will be perfectly moisturised and regenerated.

Method number three: removal of callous.

Add two table spoons of baking soda and few drops of lavender oil to the bowl with warm water. Dip your feet in the liquid for 10 minutes. Next prepare peeling. To do that mix three table spoons of baking soda, one table spoon of water and one table spoon of brown sugar. It will remove dead skin cells and smoother cracks. To finish treatment, apply moisturising cream and put on some socks.

Method number four: soft skin and healthy nails.

Apple cider vinegar is great for softening of cuticles and lightening of discolourations of nails. Pour large amount of apple cider vinegar into the deep bowl and for 20 minutes dabble in it your feet. Such treatment should be performed at least twice a month. Thanks to it skin will be velvety smooth and you will get rid of those spots on your nails. What is more, blisters will be gone and fungal infections will not worry you any more.