Post-Gym Skin – sweaty skin as a make-up trend

We are convinced that only with a right amount of covering cosmetics and matt skin we look really appealing. More and more we start to realise that make-up trends head towards natural make-up or so called “no make-up”, which should enhance our natural beauty. Lately, very popular became even more bold look – Post-Gym Skin, which is naturally glowing post workout skin.

What is it all about?

Beauty trends just love to surprise us. The main theme of few weeks is “sweaty skin”, i.e. glowing from the excess sebum skin, which looks like right after the visit in the fitness club of gym. Very popular become natural trends in make-up, so no one marvels that after “no make-up” comes the time for withdrawal of foundation and mattifying powders.

Where do this trend came from?

Like most of trends, also this one, had its beginnings on the red carpet. Lately, eyes of the world famous stylists focused on the face of Zoe Kravitz (doughter of Lenny Kravitz), who on the Critics’ Choice Awards showed up without foundation, with only peach blusher on her cheeks. Her face looked like a fresh and a bit bedewed with sweat face of a girl who just finished her yoga classes.

What are the benefits of the Post-Gym Skin?

Natural look always pays out, because excess of make-up may make you look old. Resignation from large amount of make-up cosmetics will make your face light and fresh. On the other hand, glowing skin, like it was a bit sweaty after exercises, will give the younger look effect.

How to get this look?

Post-Gym Skin is not that hard to achieve it. The most important is to resign from the excess amount of the cosmetics. In this trend it is all about naturally glowing skin. Of course, if you have a skin with many imperfections you cannot skip the foundation, but apply thinner layer of it. Equally important in the “sweaty skin” trend is highlighting the cheek bones, forehead and nose and application of the blusher.