How to rejuvenate yourself with fitting lip and eye make-up?

Every woman has her own way to create the perfect make-up. If we know the basics of our face and basic rules of make-up, we can optically slim down, rejuvenate and highlight the face. It all depends on the right choice of the cosmetics and correct application. How should we apply make-up to look younger?


The eyebrow regulation gives great effect, but well shaped and with some more defined colour they may look even better; the eyebrow pencil will fill hair deficits. Match the pencil with the colour of your eyebrows – too dark will make you look older. Any of the eyebrow products shouldn’t be applied with the sharp and noticeable layer. You have to make sure that edges aren’t too defined, even a little smudged and in combination with the shading it will have natural effect.


In a rejuvenating make-up the most important are highlighted and defined eyes. A line (especially this on the lower eyelid) should never be thick and expressive. If you dream about beautiful line on the upper eyelid then apply it on the blended eyeshadow. The lower line should be made on the 3/4 of eyes length and blended. The tip of the upper line shouldn’t be too low or too far out of the eye contour.


You can have a make-up without eyeshadow, but, you should always at least equalise the lid complexion with some base, concealer or an eyeshadow in natural shade. However, if you decide on the eyeshadow then remember about basic rules of shades application and the blending of the edges. Older ladies shouldn’t be afraid of the colours, because particularly good on mature skin looks light pink and navy blue.


A layer of mascara on the eyelashes is a guarantee of the beautiful and emphasised eye. The most important in the eyelashes make-up is to choose the mascara, that won’t glue the lashes and won’t create lumps. It is recommended to don’t overdo the lashes and (necessarily) brush the eyelashes out of eventual “spidery legs”.


The last piece of the make-up puzzle are lips. Rejuvenating effect will ensure subtle, glossy lipstick in shades of pink, peach or nude. You shouldn’t be afraid of more intense colours, but you have to remember that lipliner can’t be darker then the lipstick, and that the lipstick shouldn’t have matt or pearl shade.