Hair Care after Winter – Problem and Solution

It is widely known that cold winter months are a great weight for even taken care of hair. You do not need to have specialistic knowledge on the subject to know that, because every woman notices hair weakening after winter. Before, you welcome spring, you should spend a little more time on hair care. Let us present most common problems we have to deal with after winter and possible solutions to them.

Oily hair and hair weakening

Freezing wind makes even toughest hater of caps wear them. Sadly, temperature fluctuation and overheated skin under the material can be causing disorder in sebaceous glands, which discharge excess sebum. Greasy and weaken hair need patient nourishing. Normalisation of sebaceous glands work needs time, and can be supported by scalp scrubs (e.g. home made with sugar). You should limit hair wash, because more often cleanse can even more disturb sebaceous glands work.

Split ends

Hair ends after winter are usually in terrible shape, mainly because of mechanical damages (scarves, jackets, caps). Hair cuticles rise, and as an effect ends split and are really brittle. The wisest solution, especially for very damaged ends is a visit at hair dresser’s and cutting them. Condition of ends can be also improved by proper hair care matched with needs of hair. It is worth to try cosmetics with ceramides, which increase tenacity of cells, you can also try highly concentrated hair masks, that are very nourishing.

Increased hair loss

Exacerbate of hair loss after winter is an natural process, though it may seem that during spring we lose much larger amounts of hair. Seasonal hair loss is a process that usually takes about few weeks. You do not have to worry about that, because hair loss will stop after this time. The most important is to not panic and just wait it out. You may enrich your diet after winter, which during colder months is poor and monotonous. Providing body with nutrients will strengthen, regenerate and nourish hair.