Alteya Organics – The most expensive organic oil from Rosa Damascena

Properties of essential oils are becoming more and more appreciated once more and rose oils become popular again. The most expensive organic oil is produced from Rosa Damascena, which is grown in The Valley of Roses in Bulgaria. Alteya Organics is a brand, which specialises in rose essential oils and is a leader in cultivation of Rosa Damascena.

Why Aletya Organics?

It is a brand, which stands out with hight quality of their products. Thanks to an advanced laboratories, ecological cultivation providing right biodynamic of plants, patented distillation and certified production, this organic oil from Alteya Organics is a product of the highest quality, and its price tells everything.

Why Rosa Damascena oil?

Rose Otto Oil, i.e. oil extracted from Rosa Damascena from Bulgarian cultivations is one of the most expensive oils in the world. It is all caused by the fact that for extraction of one drop you need 2000 flowers, and for 2.2Ib of oil is used over 8818Ib of roses. Alteya Organics ensures that their essential oil has no expiration date and its properties will be exactly the same even after decades since extraction. It can also be used for all skin types and in every age (even for babies).

What properties has Rosa Damascena Otto essential oil?

Mainly, it is medicinal oil, which eliminates almost all the problems with skin – from acne, through inflammations (e.g. eczema), to rejuvenating properties. Alteya Organics oil is the most valuable oil in cosmetics. It has, not only medical and nourishing properties, but also aroma-therapeutical and can even be consumed.

The most important benefits of Rosa Damascena essential oil from Alteya Organics:

  • antioxidant properties (rejuvenating),
  • medical properties (regeneration and skin repair),
  • elasticity properties (wrinkles smoother),
  • anti-inflammatory properties (healing eczema, acne),
  • normalising glands,
  • reduces scars, stretch marks and discolourations.