How do they do that? Meet beauty secret of Asian women.

Skin care by Japanese and Chinese women hits the Internet and the entire cosmetic world. No wonder; after all Asians have beautiful and smooth skin. Face massage with oil performed by women of the Far East is well known to girls, who value healthy skin. Let’s find out, what is the secret weapon of Asians in fight against imperfections.

In Asia, even small girls are taught skin conditioning. For this reason, skin of Chinese and Japanese girls is so smooth, hydrated and nourished. Healthy diet, rich in seafood is not enough to preserve beautiful and young look. Of great importance are cosmetics you use, and one of favourite products of women living in mentioned above Oriental countries is emulsion for face. What is so great about this cosmetic?

Emulsion is often called lotion, because consistency of both cosmetics is very similar: light, delicate, without paraffin or other clogging ingredients. Both emulsion and lotion are easy in administration and are absorbed quickly by skin. Their main task is moisture and preservation of right level of hydration for longer. Those products additionally make skin elastic, calm and regenerate epidermis and deep skin layers.

How should you apply emulsion? The sequence of cosmetic application is for Asian women extremely important. They believe that moisturising products are absorbed better and easier by hydrated skin. Small amount of emulsion apply on cleansed skin of face, neck and cleavage. It should be administered in a circular motion towards jaw and then up towards face. Remember not to pull skin – it could lead to wrinkles. Use emulsion twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.

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