Surprise him with sexy look thanks to Nanolash!

Are you sick of your lashes? They are brittle, weak, excessively fall out and lack expression. Those are problems of many women. Reasons of such eyelash condition are at least few. Despite them, there are methods (like eyelash serums, and among them the most popular Nanolash), that effectively help with strengthening of eyelashes. You do not have to give up on this sexy look!

Lashes are the best decoration. They create beautiful eye frame that is the more expressive the longer and denser are lashes. There is a good reason for saying that look can be seductive. Eyes get the most attention, that is why since the dawn of time women with fluttery eyelashes had better luck with men. Aesthetic matter is a one thing, but there also more important functions. The main task of lashes is to protect eyes. Eyelashes create protective barrier that pick up particles of dust, dirt, impurities and even small insects. Therefore, eye is being effectively protected against harmful external factors. That is why it is so important for lashes to be long and strong.

Why do eyelashes fall out?

Eyelashes fall out because… that is what they do. There is nothing weird about losing a lash or two during the day. All hair, including those on eyelids, have their lifespan. When it comes to eyelashes this time is especially short, contrary to hair, for instance on your head. For this reason it is heartily recommended to use serums like Nanolash eyelash serum, which accelerate lashes growth by matching lashes growth stage. The real problem appears only when eyelash loss is excessive and related to their weakening.

As the most common example of excess eyelash loss is being pointed out – make-up. It is not about make-up in general, but about use of right cosmetics and its skilful application as well as make-up removal. For this reason, it is not recommended to use, for example waterproof mascaras by people with naturally weak lashes. Cosmetics with increased durability are much worse to remove and more difficult make-up removal can lead to falling out of lashes and their pulling out. There is also matter of allergies related with make-up. It happens that an ingredient of mascara or eye shadow can sensitise and as a result lashes fall out and are very brittle. At this time important is to strengthen lashes with safe and tested product like Nanolash eyelash serum. Nanolash will nourish bulbs, strengthen them and accelerate growth of new eyelashes. Serum allows to repair effects of unwanted allergic reaction and eliminate another reasons of excess falling out, i.e. deficit of nourishing ingredients. It is often that lashes fall out because of lack of right vitamins and minerals. Nanolash makes those problems go away. The least common reason for eyelash loss are hormonal changes (such as period and menopause). Strengthening is a key matter in this case as well.

What are properties of Nanolash eyelash serum?

Nanolash serum is a award winner of many rankings of eyelash serums. What is more, properties of Nanolash were proven by laboratory research and consumer tests on representative group. As it turns out, natural composition can go hand in hand with effectiveness and quality. One piece of Nanolash with 3 ml capacity lasts for six months treatment for eyelash stimulation.


Nanolash serum has an elegant matt packaging in black colour with long and thin brush hidden inside. This applicator, just like in eyeliners is expected to make precise application as easy as possible. Nanolash eyelash serum should be applied everyday at bedtime, after make-up removal.


Characteristic feature of Nanolash is their attention to the best ingredients. The most important here is ingredient for stimulation of eyelashes growth that was developed particularly for this product. Nanolash serum is also enriched in natural vegetable extracts (e.g. eyebright). The composition of cosmetic is clear, simple and safe to eyes.


Serum is mostly expected to stimulate lashes growth and that is the key action of Nanolash. Its regular use makes eyelashes stronger from the root, they gain volume and are better rooted in the follicles. Stronger, denser and more expressive lashes grow even twice that long. Effects of treatment with Nanolash eyelash serum are spectacular and beautiful lashes and sensual look.


First results can be noticed right after few weeks. It cannot be clearly stated after what time Nanolash will work for the given person. Tests indicated and reviews confirmed that lashes can extend after first two weeks, but in some cases Nanolash will provide looked-for results after two months treatment.


Nanolash eyelash serum can be purchased only on manufacturers site ( Cost of one Nanolash serum is 69$. However, serum can be bought in a smaller price if you decide on few pieces of serum at one time – you also avoid additional delivery cost.


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