SKIN79. Are Korean BB creams truly that incredible?

SKIN79 is a brand that came to Europe from Korean Peninsula and settle in our market. It took by storm women’s hearts all over the world and gained great popularity, and by now probably each one of you heard about SKIN79 BB creams. Two most popular are Hot Pink BB Cream and Bronze BB Cream. I tested both products out of Super+ line and I invite you to read my review.

Are SKIN79 BB creams really that amazing?

At first we should talk about what makes BB creams so special. It is said that this cosmetic is a sort of intermediate product between face cream and foundation. There is some truth to it, because Beblesh Balm cream task is to cover skin imperfections and at the same time moisture and protect skin. SKIN79 creams have all those qualities – contain whitening discolourations substances, moisturising ingredients, anti-wrinkles formula and UV filter (SPF30 or more). Which means that they are not some fake BB creams!

For the moment of the attention deserves also packaging of SKIN79 BB creams. It is quite original because I have never before seen plastic barrel shaped packaging with clever hidden pump. The original design of SKIN79 products is just great, because it distincts it among thousands of products in jars, glass bottles with pumps, plastic tubes, sticks and others. Packagings have different colours, what makes easier finding our favourite at the time – Hot Pink BB Cream is pink, and Bronze BB Cream is claret.

The greatest classic from SKIN79 is Hot Pink, which most women love probably for its colour – very bright, sort of grey beige that perfectly matches skin. SKIN79 Bronze is much warmer – works better for people with darker complexion or as a darkening product. I have both of them because my complexion is sort of in the middle, so for perfect effect I mix both shades. Although, I have to admit that this way or another SKIN79 BB creams blend in very well.

BB Bronze has higher UV filter (SPF 50+), while Hot Pink has SPF30. I cannot disagree with the fact that SKIN79 creams give great cover and nourishment – they really are! They matches skin, cover, don’t weight down and provide comfort for skin after application. The plus of those BB creams is also their durability and efficiency, that they are hard to rub off and are really gentle. There is nothing that I can see as a downside, so I confirm that Korean BB creams from SKIN79 are wonderful!

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