Redemption Palette Iconic 1 from Makeup Revolution

I am not a big fan of an expressive eye make-up and that is why I don’t change eyeshadow palettes that often. In this matter I’m very much different from other bloggers, who switch products like in a kaleidoscope. If I find a palette that suits me I’ll stick to it for years. That is what happened when I first got my hands on Redemption Palette Iconic from Makeup Revolution. Why?

Makeup Revlon released palette of twelve eye shadows, and I loved it at first sight. My love forĀ Redemption Palette Iconic 1 bloomed because it is a palette of brown, gold and grey shades, and that is all I need to be happy. Let’s see what colours we can find in Iconic 1, so you would understand why I love it so much. Firstly – there are both matte and shimmering shadows. Secondly – it has wide colour gamut from nude, through beige, gold, brown, powder pink and grey to intense red. How can you not fall in love with this diversity?

What I like about Redemption Palette Iconic is its quality. Eye shadows are perfectly grinded and pressed. Even, when we use shimmering colour, it won’t have old-fashioned pearl effect or a very intense brocade, but elegant highlight effect. When it comes to the eye shadows alone, their consistency is a huge plus – very soft, creamy and easy in administration. Each eyeshadow is highly pigmented and blends with skin. I never noticed any colour fading at the end of the day, neither rubbing off nor gathering of shadow in the creases.

Diversity of colours makes possible to apply the eye shadows separately, but for couple of reasons they also mix perfectly – they are easy to blend, and colours are chosen in a way so they would co-operate with each other. For now I was able to (despite my average make-up skills) achieve incredible make-up effect with Iconic 1 from Makeup Revolution. It is one of universal eyeshadow palettes, so we can perform with it both “no make-up” make-up and intense smokey eye. Contrary to appearances 12 favourite shades are enough to come up with new colouristic ideas, that you never tried, even after few months – I assure you.