My way to deal with the rosacea acne – Azelac mousturising gel by Sesderma

Today I’m going to tell you how I care about my skin and deal with the rosacea acne. When the spots were small and discolourations slightly visible I used some cosmetics from the drugstore and some ointment from the pharmacy. Unfortunately, my skin got worse. Only antibiotics from the dermatologist managed to help me with my problem. I have had a rosacea acne for a several months. I have some bumps under my skin, redness and broken blood vessels. From time to time I also have problems with aching blemishes but there are also periods when my face looks quite nice. But I certain that most of you, my dear readers, would share the wish to have smooth and beautiful face. I’ve found in the net a pretty good cosmetic for rosacea acne prone-skin care. This is the Azelac mousturisng gel by Sesderma.

I want to point out here that everyone having problem with rosacea acne should consult a dermatologist. I’m not an expert in that matter but I certainly can recommend you some skin cosmetics. If your symptoms are similar to mine, that is a lot of blemishes and comedones you can try out the Azelac mousturising gel by Sesderma. I must mention here that the price of this cosmetic is quite high. Everything for beauty and health!? The Azelac moosturising gel is contained in a narrow packinging with a dispenser and the capacity of one bottle is 50 ml. During application of Azelac moisturising gel you should hold the bottle vertically, otherwise using it won’t be possible. The Azelac mousturisng gel is semi-fluid and has white colour. If you blend it on your hands you will be able to see a lot of shinning and glittering pigments.

It was really suprising and pleasant experience to use this gel for the very first time. When it comes to its scent, it’s not so nice but bearable and it fades away really quickly.

And now the most important part – the effects!

The first thing I noticed after using the Azelac mousturisng gel by Sesderma was the moisturising and smoothing effect. This product leaves a thin and sticky layer of protective film thanks to which your skin becomes more flexible and soft. All the skin inflamatory conditions were reduced, disclourations lightened and wrinkles smoothened. The Azelac mousturisng gel by Sesderma helps to get rid of comedones (the face peeling beforhand would be adviseable though) and has a lightening effect on your skin. Your skin looks younger and healthier and more beautiful. The active substances in the Azelac mousturisng gel by Sesderma are the azelaic acid, E vitamin, niacinamide (B3 vitamin), milk thistle and deeply moisturising substances.

How does one apply the Azelac mouisturising gel by Sesderma?

I have always done it after applying a cleansing tonic or micellar cleansing water. The cosmetic is easy to put on and absorbs really quickly. I’ve used it several times instead of a primer. The effect was supersonic- so I’m thinking about giving up on the primers and BB creams for the sake of the┬áthe Azelac mousturisng gel by Sesderma. Please remember to avoid eye contact while using.

And now tell me about your ideas for having beautiful and smooth skin?