Line of 5 Mascaras Fitting Every Need from Revlon

Have you ever thought about how difficult is finding the right mascara? We don’t think about it, because we buy mascara less often than other products. Besides in shops we reach mostly for cosmetics we know. Lately, I decided that I will assess what the perfect mascara should be like. What I found out?

In may case to achieve ideal lashes effect (perfect for me are – expressive, thick, long and curled lashes) I need to use at least two mascaras. First I apply one product for length and intense colour. Then I administer second product, which job is to thicken and curl lashes. Enriched in those thought I finally found product for me – Ultimate All-in-one mascara from Revlon. All in one? It is possible.

Revlon launched an entire line of mascaras in rainbow packagings, which should make creation of ideal lashes trouble free. In my opinion, this is it! Why? We need universal solutions, which will work in any situation. Complete set of new Revlon mascaras is a perfect example of that.

Let me introduce to you 5 ideal mascaras from Revlon:

  1. Ultra Volume (thickening),
  2. Super Length (maximum length),
  3. Volume + Length Magnified (thickening and lengthening mascara),
  4. Dramatic Definition (false lashes and intense lashes effect),
  5. Ultimate All-in-one (all in one).

My personal favourite is Revlon Ultimate All-in-one! Why? It’s simple. I love universal solutions, because they are time saving. Instead of wasting valuable minutes on looking for right mascara, switching mascaras during make-up and multiple application of many different products I can have just one reliable Revlon mascaraAll-in-one“. I think many of you will love this product for its formula and very easy Power Mini Brush in an eclipse shape.

I know that there are also women who don’t care about, e.g. length, because they’re natural lashes are already long. No one wants to look fake, that is why Ultimate All-in-one won’t be a good solution for them. Revlon thought about such customers as well by launching an entire line of innovative mascaras, which have very defined job – green packaging mascara ensures length, pink packaging mascara thickens, blue packaging mascara provides both effects and violet packaging mascara gives intense colour. Choose whatever you like.