How can you take care of your man’s skin?

Men claim that they don’t need any cosmetics. But don’t they really? Yet they use shaving cream, deodorant and perfumes. Some of them even use colourless nail polish, moisturising lip balm or… foundation. And how do you take care of your man?

As it turns out, men are more lucky when it comes to skin condition. Why? Because sebaceous glands in their skin work much harder, but also production of collagen is significantly increased. Additionally, men’s skin is much thicker than woman’s. For this reason, sun radiation, air pollution and other harmful external factors don’t do that much of damage to their skin. What is more, wrinkles appear on men’s face approximately 7 years later than on women’s face. However, Mother Nature equipped men with facial hair, which they have to shave systematically.

Often shaving can lead to skin irritations and dryness, that is why your man should purchase proper conditioning cosmetic, which will both make shaving easier and take care of skin. Such product shouldn’t consist of fragrances and artificial ingredients. Their presence in foam or shaving cream can lead to allergic reactions. In composition of cosmetic used by man should be panthenol and allantoin; on the packaging should be written: “hypoallergenic cosmetic”. Facial hair should be soften before shaving, so quite nice idea is to place hot towel on face for few moments prior to shave.

Equally important is choice of razor. Men can choose out of electric and disposable razors. Trimmers need regular cleanse, change of blades and service. Disposable razors outwear quite quickly and aren’t that effective as other shaving devices. Besides, they can cause irritation and ingrowth of hair. In shops are available disposable razors with few blades and moisturising strip. Remember that no matter which device your man will use, he should always use shaving cream and soothing aftershave gel.