Advantages and disadvantages of KALLOS hair masks

Hair conditioners from Kallos are hitting hair care cosmetic’s market and gain as many followers as enemies. Light, easily available, cheap and efficient hair masks from Kallos are definitely product worth a short review from me.

Followers of the Kallos hair mask name following advantages of the product:

  • unbeatable price against product size,
  • short but proven composition of the conditioners,
  • high efficiency,
  • light consistency of the masks,
  • great hair care,
  • wide products spectrum.

Enemies of the Kallos hair mask name following disadvantages of the product:

  • not effective,
  • too short composition,
  • reminds of bad conditioner rather than hair mask,
  • chemical smell.

Personally I agree with both. I am not a big fan of Kallos hair masks, but I don’t have to sling mud at them. It might be because some of Kallos masks worked for me other didn’t. I tested quite some of them. We can choose from several masks: Kallos Latte, Kallos Chocolate, Kallos Keratin, Kallos Vanilla, Kallos Silk, Kallos Banana, Kallos Cherry, Kallos Hair Botox, Kallos Omega, Kallos Color, Kallos Blueberry and Kallos Aloe. I hope I didn’t forget any.

Kallos hair masks are based on proteins, oils and herbal extracts (some of them combine few of those ingredients some just one of them). Their universality depends on very similar composition, and the only difference is that different components are in different proportions. Key substances containment is adequate for conditioners to actually work.

Choosing from Kallos hair masks is true lottery – for me worked Kallos Keratin (I recommend that one!), but fruit masks (I tested Kallos Cherry and Kallos Bluberry) didn’t quite work for my hair and Kallos Color worked only at first. After all I think that you cannot damage hair with so light formula and Kallos will be great for people who use hair mask after every wash.