Top 8 – Beauty Tricks for Everyone

Saving time is very trendy! Can you save some time during everyday beauty routines? See for yourself that you can. You just need to know few simple beauty tricks. Time saving, simpler actions, accelerated properties and better results are in your reach.

Let us introduce TOP 8 beauty lifehacks.

#1 Elimination of pimples with toothpaste and aspirin. Even the most perfect make-up can be destroyed by coming out of nowhere pimple. Use toothpaste to pull out the pimple, and aspirin to effectively remove it without leaving any redness.

#2 Face tone up with ice cubes. Ice massage is known as a way for refreshed and smoother skin, e.g. before party. Ice cubes or just very cold water can improve blood circulation in face and ensure tone up.

#3 Elimination of cellulite with coffee scrub. One of the most popular body scrubs, known for a very long time now is coffee scrub. Coffee grounds are great in exfoliating epidermis, and simultaneous active support of cellulite elimination.

#4 Ointment with vitamin A as an equivalent of many cosmetics. It is an universal moisturising and regenerative product, which helps in elimination of skin problems. Vitamin ointment can replace lip balm, eye cream, face cream and feet or hand cream.

#5 Counteracting to hyperhidrosis with sage. Excess sweating is a common problem, especially in summer period. You just need to add a glass of strong sage brew into warm bath to eliminate this issue.

#6 Highlight of skin with natural oil. If you do not have time for full make-up then try natural highlight. Add any vegetable oil (e.g. jojoba, argan) to the cream or massage a drop of this oil in places you want to highlight.

#7 Enhancement of perfumes with lotion. Your favourite scent will last longer in you first spray with it and them apply on it some lotion. It will make scent last longer, because it will absorb in skin along with lotion.

#8 Make-up removal and nail polish removal without rubbing. Tiresome make-up removal and manicure removal can be eased with a bit of patience. All you need to do is soap cotton pad with right cosmetic and hold it for awhile on the place you want to clean, so that cosmetic dissolve. Then rubbing won’t be necessary.