Stripping – How should you apply bronzer?

Strobing, non-touring, baking and many, many more. There are plenty of face contouring methods. Lately, came time for stripping, i.e. new way of bronzer application. What is stripping? Read text below to find out.

New technique of make-up, known as stripping is based on application of bronzer in form of strips. Of course, prior to that, you have to apply foundation and powder and perform eye make-up. Bronzer fulfils role of make-up finish. Extremely important is in which places you’ll apply this cosmetic. However, final effect of make-up has to resemble natural tan. Sun light falls down on some parts of face, and those are parts which should be treated by stripping. How to do that?

Bronzer contours face in a way to capture natural beauty of tan. For application use large brush with soft bristle. Administer bronzer in four places (to create strips). Apply cosmetic by the hair line, on the bridge of the nose, along cheek bones and on the tip of the chip. Next start to blend product, so that product thoroughly blend with foundation and powder – final effect has to be as natural as it is possible. For stripping use matt bronzer; avoid those with shimmering pigments.

Are there any other ways for tan with use of cosmetics? Of course, the most popular are self-tanners. Before application, remember about scrub, because it will make administration of cosmetic easier. You can also use light and dark concealers to additionally contour face. Equally good are mists, balms and self-tanning tissues. It is important to apply self-tanning cosmetics evenly, so spread it till you achieve even skin complexion without smudges or spots.