Elseve Magical Power of Essential Oils – My recipe for beautiful hair

Very often I get questions about my way of hair care, because I have pretty problematic length, but my hair are healthy and beautiful. Firstly, I got lucky, because I have naturally thick hair. Secondly, I wash my hair with my favourite nourishing shampoo, which I am going to talk about today – Elseve Magical Power of Essential Oils from L’Oreal Paris.

I got nourishing shampoo from Elseve Magical Power of Essential Oils line about six months ago and it instantly stole my heart. First, I fell in love with the shampoo texture with amber colour. Product looks very slickly and even its bottle shows that we deal with cosmetic with highly nourishing formula based on oils. After first use of Magical Power of Essential Oils shampoo it already became my favourite out of an entire line – it has beautiful Oriental scent and really works!

Formula of shampoo from Elseve is based on complex of six vegetable oils, which have wonderful influence on hair and scalp.

  • Camomile oil – restores gloss and moisturises
  • Linen oil – gives intense moisture
  • Sunflower oil – deep nourishment
  • Lotus blossom oil – softens and protects
  • Tahitian gardenia oil – prevents dryness,
  • Rose oil – smoothers and adds flexibility.

I adore all products with carefully prepared composition and high amount of natural ingredients. In Elseve Magical Power of Essential Oils shampoo we won’t find any harmful ingredients, that could weight down our hair. Formula is rich in flower oils, which truly have magical properties.

Elseve Magical Power of Essential Oils is a shampoo, which doesn’t foam that much, but for me it’s a plus, because I got used to natural shampoos, which doesn’t consist of foaming properties. Unfortunately, I read some negative opinions, purportedly Elseve weights down hair. It maybe cause by too big amount of product on hair, because of poor foaming. Some girls also complained about dandruff, however I haven’t had any of those side effects.

How does Elseve Magical Power of Essential Oils work for my hair? Perfectly smoothers streaks and combing hair out after wash caused no problems. It can be done freely with fingers, because there is no tangling. Nourishment and proper moisture of my hair, thanks to this shampoo gives natural gloss effect and healthy looking hair, what everyone notices on my hair.

To sum up – in my opinion Elseve Magical Power of Essential Oils shampoo is truly great when it comes to hair nourishment. Of course, effects depend on the person, but for me this is a number one shampoo. I recommend it! Try for yourself. :)