Do I recommend Equilibra conditioner for increased volume?

I am not a big fan of Italian cosmetic products, because many times they let me down. I am most willing to use our native cosmetics. Despite of that I decided to test Equilibra conditioner for volume increase. I present my opinion in the post below, so I cordially invite you to read it! :)

Manufacturer promise:

Equilibra is a conditioner, which should work in three ways – moisturise, protect and nourish. Moisturising conditioner from Equilibra is expected to regenerate hair thanks to PhytoSynergia vegetable complex (aloe vera, Argan oil and wheat proteins) and additionally make hair more flexible and glossy (silk proteins) and protect them. I am curious where in all of this is volume, which is present in the name. We’ll see. :)


It won’t take long, because composition is quite simple. The base is previously mentioned PhytoSynergia – aloe vera juice, Argan oil and keratin from wheat proteins. Aloe vera conditioner from Equilibra contains also silk proteins, woollen keratin and vitamin E. Product is free of artificial colourants, harmful substances, parabens and allergens, however one silicon is present in the composition (light and safe for hair, but still).

On the product:

Equilibra conditioner has creamy formula. Manufacturer ensures us that the conditioner is thick, nevertheless, for me it’s a bit too runny, and what comes with it not very efficient. Locked in tube formula of conditioner has white colour and a little chemical (though subtle) scent – thanks to aloe vera, which in every cosmetic products gives specific aroma. Conditioner isn’t weighting hair down and absorbs well, which is a plus.

Promise vs reality:

  • (+) deep nourishment – I have to admit that the conditioner nourished my hair very well, though it depends on application time, the longer is kept on hair the better nourishment;
  • (+) moisture – no reservation here, because Equilibra moisturised my hair after one use, however, I’m curious if this effect will last even after I stop using the conditioner.;
  • (-) restoration and protection – manufacturer promises that moisturising conditioner will regenerate hair shaft and strengthen its structure, but if that was the case then I think my hair wouldn’t fall out in bigger amount than before the use of conditioner;
  • (+) softening – aleo vera conditioner really makes hair softer, glossy and easier in combing, also makes the streaks nice in touch and velvety smooth.
  • (-) volume – sadly, I was disappointed on Equilibra promise, because my hair haven’t gain volume and are still of middle thickness, just like before aloe vera nourishment treatment with this Italian cosmetic.